7 Strong Benefits of PSD to HTML5/CSS3 Conversion

PSD to HTML5 and CSS3

Pages that we see while surfing on the Internet is the result of development work. Though not everyone is aware of the fact that many websites and email newsletters are made by web designers first.

Of course, it is possible to code a page from scratch, but quite often the outcome of such a work can be really unpredictable and poor.

That’s why usually designers create the overall look of the future page using Adobe Photoshop editor and after that hand the mockup to coders. The process of such coding is called PSD to HTML5 conversion https://socialenginemarket.com/services/psd-to-html5 and it is very popular nowadays, due to its time-saving and cost-efficient opportunities.

I want to point out right now that HTML5 is just the most recent version of HTML language, that’s why I use this term describing the conversion process. HTML is the base of the majority development projects and together with entire programming field it is quickly evolving.

The current version of this hypertext markup language is more flexible and user-oriented, which makes the design conversion even more advantageous. Websites build with HTML5 are highly performing and effective, let’s see what benefits PSD to HTML5/CSS3 conversion offers.

Faster page loading

Every content on the web has its weight, which in varying degrees decreases loading of the pages that represent this content. Visitors hate slow sites, nearly 30% of them would leave such a site in less than 10 seconds.

Using CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets language) along with HTML5, you can neglect utilizing images in cases where possible. Being unloaded from heavy content, pages can perform faster which ensures better user experience.


Pixel-perfect manual coding

Modern design trends show that high-quality authentic photography and images are in great demand among web masters. Converting designs to HTML5 is the best way to achieve needed results, since it doesn’t require special software and all coding has to be done manually. Hand-coded markup is a guarantee of pixel-perfect visual content for your front-end.

Cross-browser compatibility

You never know which browser your site visitors will use tomorrow. But you always have to be ready to offer them a pleasant user experience. There are several popular web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari and other, professionally coded web pages are displayed properly in each of them.

PSD to HTML5 conversion can help you to attract more visitors and not to lose you traffic.


Apart from hand-coded markup, there are other features that make sites created with the help of HTML5 conversion more SEO-friendly, among which new semantic elements that were not offered in the previous version. Sites that are codes like this are more clean and lightweight, which lifts they rankings in search engines.

W3C validation

All pages converted to HTML5 must be W3C valid. W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is an organization that is aimed to develop web standards. They’ve established a set of benchmarks and guidelines, with the help of which markups are being checked for errors and quality. Expert developers always make sure their codes meet the required standards.

Unique design

Your website is a significant marketing tool, making it unique increases your chances to monetize your online presence. Converting PSD files to HTML5 allows web masters to create an absolutely unique layout and design. Exclusive layout and custom design can help to stand out among the competitors who use design templates.

Easy website enhancement

One of the greatest advantages of HTML5 coding is an opportunity to avoid third party add-ons usage, since it offers all the necessary markup solutions. This way you can easily add different multimedia files right to the web page and much more features for effective website performance.


In comparison to the last century, HTML coding has changed a lot, as well as the conversion market. It keeps up with this tendency by getting more and more robust. As you can see, the technique of PSD to HTML5 conversion allows to boost your website in search, make it unique and powerful, yet saving your time and money.

Being the most advanced markup language, HTML5 makes it possible to build attractive, fully-functioning and interactive websites. So, if you are looking for fast and effective solutions working on your web presence, trust coding of your designs to professionals and enjoy the results that your business deserves.


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